Stair Tool (10 Inch ) for Cleaning Carpet on Stairs by Bane-Clene®

10" Stair Cleaning Tool for Bane-Clene® Carpet Extraction Cleaning Equipment

Item # 51909

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  • Ideal for motor homes, vans, buses, planes, boats and cars, as well as small bathroom areas, stairs, closets and commercial furniture cleaning.
  • This stair tool can double your production in tight areas such as closets.
  • The perfect tool for cleaning the carpet in a trailer or motor home where a larger carpet cleaning tool is not practical.
  • Increase sales and profits by cleaning stairs, wall coverings (wallscapes), office cubicles and upholstered office partitions.

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  • 10 Inch Stair Carpet Cleaning Tool for Bane-Clene® Carpet Carpet Cleaning Extraction Equipment

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    10 Inch Stair Carpet Cleaning Tool

    Bane-Clene’s stair tool is ideal for cleaning not only stairs and upholstered office partitions but any tight carpeted areas that are hard to clean with a floor tool such as: motor homes, vans, buses, planes, boats and cars, small bathroom areas and closets.

    Properties & Specifications:

    • Polished stainless steel construction.
    • 1.5 inch vacuum tube.
    • Vinyl-covered adjustable handle.
    • 10 inch wide vacuum head.
    • 2-jet design for wide and even spray patterns.
    • Catalog Number: 51909.

    Procedure for Cleaning Stairs:

    • Cleaning carpeted stairs is more difficult than cleaning floors because they show much more “wear and tear” and the soil is much more ground in.
    • To make it worse, most manufacturers don’t cover the warranty on carpets on stairs because they consider stair traffic “abnormal wear and tear” despite the fact that stairs are a normal part of many houses. In fact, often, the carpets on the stairs are the first to show the “wear and tear”.
    • First step, of course, is to remove all loose objects from the stairs.
    • As always, thoroughly prevacuum the carpet because the soil is so “ground in”.
    • As always, if the carpet is unusually soiled, apply and “work in” your prespray, such as Preface<®.
    • After applying preconditioner, agitation is vital.
    • CAUTION: Avoid spraying prespray or cleaning solution on the banisters and other wood work!
    • If necessary, use your Wall Buddy™ Corner Guards to avoid damage to wood and corners.
    • Starting at the top, using the stair tool, extract the carpet, including the tread and rise.
    • Move the tool slowly over the surface of the carpet. The nose of the stairs need extra attention, so be sure to run your tool over these areas multiple times.
    • Take extra dry strokes - it is extremely important to get the stairs as dry as possible, as quickly as possible!
    • Use a clean, white, absorbent towel to the nose of the stairs and from hard-to-clean areas such as along edges. This will also speed up drying.
    • After cleaning, you can apply Pro’s Choice ARA, an anti-soiling agent encapsulating agent, especially to the nose of the stairs, to reduce resoiling. After applying the product, work it in well with a brush or Handi-Brush™ so that it applied evenly and to lift the pile to make the carpet look even better.
    • Once the stairs are clean, be sure to leave caution pads at the top and bottom of the stairs and warn your customer that to be extremely stepping from the carpet onto hard floors, especially at the bottom of stairs.
    • If your customer made the horrible mistake of putting olefin berber carpet on stairs, you won’t be able to correct the pile crushing and matting.

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