Roller Meter Twin Wheel Measurer (Double Roller) Bane-Clene®

Twin Wheel Measurer Roller Meter (Double Roller)

Item # 30120

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  • Roller Meter Double-roller measuring device - for measuring carpet and rug sizes before cleaning for accurate per square foot pricing

    This professional double-roller measuring device for rugs and carpets provides quick visual measurements and eliminates the necessity for stretching tapes, using yardsticks, etc.

    • The unit’s handle telescopes from 16" to 32" for convenience of storage.
    • The meter registers in feet and inches from 0 to 9999 feet, 11 inches.
    • Not designed to be used for measuring for installations of carpet, etc.

    Carpet Cleaning Prices

    All of Bane-Clene's service company carpet cleaning is charged by the square foot. Many carpet cleaning companies charge for cleaning by room, rather than by the actual square foot cleaned. What the customer wants cleaned is what is measured and is what they pay for. If the customer only wants the traffic areas cleaned, that's what we measure and what we charge - usually with a lower price than most carpet cleaners who charge simply by the room. We measure the carpet and calculate the amount to charge with a calculator device. If we are doing an estimate, we leave the customer a copy of the price and then the customer can decide whether to make an appointment.