Bane-Glide Furniture Sliders for Carpet Cleaners

Bane-Glides Furniture Sliders Make it Easier and Safer for to Move Furniture When Cleaning Carpet

Item # 30459

  • The Bane-Glide Safety Slide is a handy, multi-functional tool that makes it easy and safe to move heavy furniture from one location to another, often by just one person.
  • By using Bane-Glide Safety Slides to move furniture safely when cleaning carpet, you create less downtime and savings for both you and your customers!
  • Bane-Glides are heavy-duty, industrial-strength slides capable of moving heavy furniture, modular panel walls, file cabinets, beds, chest-of-drawers, tables, sofas, dressers, recliners, heavy appliances and much more - easily and safely.
  • Bane-Glide Safety Slides are 6 inches in diameter and made of a specially engineered thermoplastic copolymer for a slicker finish and better sliding ability.
  • The 6 inch size disk makes it easier to move heavy furniture with a larger surface for movability.
  • The unique design of the convex bottom creates a strong, durable slide with a lower coefficient of friction.
  • Rounded edges won’t snag on carpet even when moving heavy furniture.
  • Black polyester fabric over a thick, dense rubber makes the pad long-lasting and tear resistant, allowing for a deep compression to hold heavy furniture securely in place while moving.
  • Bane-Glides furniture sliders are specifically designed for carpet use only.
  • Just place one Bane-Glide furniture slider under each corner and even heavy items glide around with ease.
  • Avoid snagging carpet tufts and carpet fusion lines which occur when heavy furniture is dragged across the carpet.
  • Be sure to use with the Lift Buddy when raising up heavy furniture.

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  • Bane-Glides Furniture Sliders Make it Easier and Safer for to Move Furniture When Cleaning Carpet. Perfect for Professional Carpet Cleaners.

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    Bane-Glides make moving furniture when cleaning carpet easier.

    When cleaning carpet, put Bane-Glide sliders under the legs of heavy, hard-to-move furniture and slide away from the wall with much greater ease and less physical effort and less risk of carpet or furniture damage. Avoid causing furniture stains and fiber tip damage when moving furniture.

    How to Use Bane-Glides to Move Furniture When Cleaning Carpet:

    1. As shown, use the Lift Buddy to raise heavy furniture piece to save your back.
    2. Center Bane-Glides under legs of furniture or equipment you need to move before cleaning the carpet.
    3. Lighter objects may need only 2 Bane-Glides on front edges.
    4. For heavier objects, position 4 Bane-Glides, one at each corner.
    5. Position only 1/2 of the Bane-Glide under the object, to get the object moving.
    6. Bane-Glides work on all types of carpet and smooth flooring.
    7. After cleaning the carpet, move back the piece of furniture or equipment.
    8. Replace with furniture tabs for foam blocks after cleaning to avoid furniture stains.
    9. Every carpet cleaning truck should have a set of Bane-Glides (sometimes called “skidders” or “sliders”).
    10. For extremely heavy furniture such as loaded file cabinets, use the EZ Moves.


    • Size: Approximately 6 inches diameter.
    • Number per package: 4 Bane-Glides per package.
    • Physical description: Round discs, non-skid surface on top, slippery white plastic surface on bottom.
    • Product number: 30459

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