Furniture Tabs 5" x 10". ALWAYS TAB & BLOCK when cleaning upholstery!

Super Large Foil Tabs (Box of 1000)

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  • Bane-Clene® Super Tabs
    Prevent Wood Stains after Carpet Cleaning

    How to remove wood stainALWAYS tab and block after cleaning carpet or you'll get wood stains like this!

    Super Tabs measure 5" x 10".

    Super Tabs may be torn into specific sizes for special applications.

    For example, tear Super tabs lengthwise for two 2-1/2" x 10" pieces for use under rocking chairs, or tear widthwise for two 5" x 5" pieces for use under French table legs.

    Super tabs are convenient and very professional.

    There are 1,000 Super Tabs per carton.

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