Foam Blocks for Furniture and Carpet Cleaners

High Density Foam Blocks: Prevent Wood Stains after Carpet Cleaning from Bane-Clene®

Item # 30471

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  • Foam Blocks to Prevent Furniture Stains after Carpet Cleaning

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    Use foam blocks to prevent furniture stains

    High density Foam Blocks are great to place under lamps, stereo speakers, cabinets and other light-weight furniture pieces after cleaning carpet to prevent furniture stains.

    Features and Benefits for Bane-Clene Foam Blocks:

    • Bane-Clene foam blocks are pre-cut to prevent crumbling; just snap them apart
    • Allows air movement under the furniture to allow drying and prevent mildew and mold formation, especially with low-lying furniture.
    • Every carpet cleaning truck should have a large number of foam blocks.
    • NEVER replace furniture onto damp, freshly-cleaned carpet unless you enjoy call-backs and angry customers!
    • Place under dressers, couches, beds and all low-lying furniture after cleaning.

    High density Foam Blocks are great for lamps, stereo speakers, cabinets and other light-weight furniture pieces. ALWAYS tab and block after cleaning carpet or you’ll get wood stains like this!

    How to Use the Foam Blocks After Cleaning Furniture:

    1. WARNING: Pro-Solve Liquid and other citrus-based spotters will dissolve foam blocks! Be sure to rinse thoroughly after use!
    2. After cleaning the carpet, move back the piece of furniture or equipment using Bane-Glides or EZ Moves.
    3. As shown, use the Lift Buddy raise the furniture piece to save your back.
    4. Center foam blocks under legs or corners of furniture or equipment and remove the Lift Buddy.
    5. Using foam blocks after cleaning avoids furniture stains and rust stains.
    6. Furniture and other items without legs have to be kept off the damp, cleaned carpet with foam blocks to allow the carpet underneath to “breathe” and dry.
    7. Advise your customer to wait for the carpet to dry completely before removing furniture off of the furniture tabs or blocks. Of course, if your customer is elderly or has physical limitations such as a bad back, volunteer to return to remove the tabs and blocks.


    • Size: 2 inch x 2 inch x 1 inch.
    • Number per package: 504.
    • Physical description: Polystyrene foam blocks.
    • Product number: 30471

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