Red Relief® for Wool (Kit of 3 Pints) by Pro's Choice from Bane-Clene®

Red Relief® for Wool Stain Remover Removes food dye stains from wool! From Pro’s Choice and Bane-Clene®

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  • Remove dye stains from wool rugs!

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  • Red Relief® for Wool Stain Remover
    Removes food dye stains from wool!

    From Pro’s Choice and Bane-Clene®

    Now you can remove tough synthetic food dye stains from wool fibers! Red Relief for Wool Stain Remover unleashes new chemistry for old problems.

    Red Relief for Wool Stain Remover is a three-part system formulated especially for removing from wool food and drink stains such as Kool-Aid®fruit punch, candy, cough syrup, Gatorade® and other products containing food and beverage dyes.

    These food dye additive stains are NOW money making opportunities.

    Red Relief for Wool Stain Remover is also effective on other stains such as iodine, Betadine®, Play-Doh® and lipstick.

    The Red Relief for Wool Stain Remover system combines two powerful stain-removing solutions and a dye stabilizer that attack food dyes and other stains, breaking them down for easy removal during extraction. Part “A” contains wetting agents and reducing bleach. Part “B” contains wetting agents, solvent and water softener. Part “C” (CSS) contains a dye stabilizer to reduce the likelihood of over-bleaching the wool or causing dye loss in the wool.

    Related Carpet and Rug Spot and Stain Removal Information:

    CAUTION: Removal of some of the carpet dye is always possible in this type of system!
    Always test an inconspicuous area for color fastness before using.

    For removal of a specific stain on wool or silk, use the Pro’s Choice 50 page Stain Guide.

    Red Relief Carpet Stain Remover Directions:

    1. Extraction clean (preferably with water) the spot ont the carpet to remove all surface contamination.
    2. Blot the spot as dry as possible with a dry white clean towel.
    3. Mix equal parts of Solution A and Solution B in a clean container or use the Red Relief Dual Chamber Sprayer Kit.
    4. Apply the mixed solution to the stain liberally to wet all the stained carpet fibers.
    5. Prepare a damp towel and wring out until moderately damp.
    6. Cover the stain with the damp towel.
    7. Apply steam heat to the towel for 1 - 3 minutes, using a steam iron filled with water and set at the lowest steam setting.
    9. Because of its low melting point, do not use an iron on olefin.
    10. Apply the iron directly over the towel covering the stain. Check the stain once every minute.
    11. When the stain disappears from; the carpet or changes to a light yellow, discontinue heat and remove the iron and the towel.
    12. Be alert for fibers that are not colorfast - if you see carpet color loss, discontinue the heat immediately!
    13. Extraction rinse the treated area to remove any residue and dry thoroughly.
    14. If a heavy spill, use Stain Blotter to prevent wicking.
    15. IMPORTANT: Red Relief is not self-neutralizing and MUST be rinsed from carpet after treatment. Always test an inconspicuous area before using.

    VIDEO: How to Remove Stains from Wool Rug with Red Relief for Wool

    VIDEO: Presentation by Bane-Clene's chemist, Don Terry, at a rug cleaning, spot and stain removal class for professional carpet cleaning companies at the Bane-Clene training center in Indianapolis.

    Use Concentration:Mixed, Undiluted.
    Use pH:6.0
    Shelf-life Unmixed:1 year.