Van Decal: Small White "Call Us" (46" x 7")

Van Decal: Small White "Call Us" (46" x 7")

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  • Van Decal: Small White "Call Us" (46" x 7")

    Lettered Carpet Cleaning Van

    A clean, well-lettered truck in someone’s driveway is not only good advertising; it is a testimonial. People judge others by outward appearance. A dirty, battered carpet cleaning service vehicle will lose business opportunities. If your equipment looks as though it has been through a war, you will raise doubts about your ability to provide cleaning services.

    Well groomed uniformed carpet cleaning techniciansPersonal grooming, care of equipment and good manners are every bit as important as knowing how to do the job. A technician who does not use personal deodorant may never be invited back into a nice home. Image is important in business. What the prospect or customer thinks of you on first impression will affect present and future business dealings.

    As Don Terry, our chemist and one of our school instructors says, "An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance".