Water Claw® for Water Damage and Pump-Out Jobs - Large (No Frt. Allowance)

Water Claw® Large (No Frt. Allowance)

Item # 30645

  • Special Order Only.
  • No Freight Allowance.
  • Call 1-800-428-9512 (U.S. ONLY!) or 317-546-5448 for more information.
  • Flood extraction performance of the Water Claw Flood Extractor has been proven in thousands of flood restorations worldwide.
  • Designed for quick and easy flood extraction without removing carpet and pad.
  • Works on all types of carpet and pad including cut pile, berber and glue-down.
  • The Water Claw removes up to 90% of water from carpet and pad.
  • Fastest extraction tool on the market.
  • No need for heavy weights.
  • Harnesses the power of “Pad Pressure” allowing the technician to put their entire body weight on the tool to aid in deep subsurface extraction.
  • Reaches all the way into corners and along wall edges for quick and thorough extraction results.
  • Specially designed bottom plate maximizes suction and water channeling into vacuum chamber.
  • 1/2 inch thick clear acrylic top plate for viewing extraction results is highly resistant to chemical damage and is highly impact resistant.
  • Vacuum release to prevent suction lock-down when stronger vacuum systems are used.
  • Angled metal vacuum flange helps keep hose out of the way and accepts 1 1/2 inches or 2 inch hose cuffs.
  • The upright handle waist-high handle easily detaches from tool for storage and adjusts to variable heights and detaches for easy storage.
  • Spring loaded handle automatically breaks vacuum between the carpet and tool for easier and faster flood extraction.

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  • Water Claw® “Sub-Surface” Extraction Flood Tool for Water Damage and Pump-Out Jobs

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    Water Claw Flood Tool

    Water Claw® Flood Water Damage Tool is designed to quickly and easily extract water out of BOTH carpet and pad from the surface without removing carpet pad!


    • Medium:
      • 10 inches x 17 inches.
      • For use on the widest range of carpet styles.
      • Best all-round flood tool size
      • The medium size is needed by more active restoration companies when doing berber style carpet.
    • Large:
      • 12 inches x 21 inches.
      • Fastest flood extraction when used with appropriate vacuum power and carpet style.
      • The preferred size for quickly evacuating black water from any carpet style prior to tear-out and removal of un-salvageable carpet and pad.
      • 50% larger than the medium size tool.

    How Does the Water Claw Work?

    The purpose for standing on the Water Claw is not to “squash” the carpet and pad to release water, but simply to facilitate a tight seal between the tool and the face fibers.Water Claw Flood Tool


    The water seal against the bottom plate causes a restriction in airflow, which maximizes existing suction capabilities inside the Water Claw suction manifold. This increased suction not only wants to replace its negative atmosphere by drawing water into the vacuum chamber, but because of the several holes placed against the saturated surface, your vacuum’s “sub-surface” flood lifting power is supercharged in the same way lifting force is multiplied with a pulley system.Water Claw Flood Tool


    Because the Water Claw is not limited to sucking water off the top side of carpet only, there is no need to use heavy weights concentrated onto a small area for extraction results. The Water Claw operator can be assured that there is no threat of damaging backing in its vulnerable wet state or forcing water through wood sub-flooring.Water Claw Flood Tool


    How to Use the Water Claw Flood “Sub-Surface” Extraction ToolWater Claw Flood Tool


    In many cases, the Water Claw® Sub-Surface Flood Extractor can be used with a Bane-Clene truckmount equipped with the Aqua-Mount® System to remove flood water without having to pull the pad or use a roller. The use of the Water Claw Flood Tool greatly increases the speed and effectiveness of water extraction. This process is deceptively fast and easy:

    • To initiate flood extraction where carpet is floating on standing water, place tool in the middle of room to draw out excess water only. (At this point DO NOT allow the tool to extract water from pad or face fibers.)Water Claw Flood Tool
    • Water migration in pad is essentially stopped during the succeeding "Sub-Surface" extraction process as excess water (source water) is drawn away as described above.
    • Begin the “Sub-Surface” extraction process in one corner. Then check pad to confirm extraction results and adjust to appropriate tool size as needed. (Larger tools are for speed and smaller tools for concentrated suction as needed in cases of Berber, thick pad and/or carpet, or weaker vacuums, etc.)
    • Once proper tool size is determined, a rhythm of moving the tool can be quickly mastered by first standing on the tool for 3-5 seconds for "Sub-Surface" extraction.
    • To reposition tool, drop one foot back off the tool, then lift slightly with the adjustable waist-height handle, pushing the tool forward with your other foot still in position on the tool. Then replace the tool on the carpet while bringing your other foot back onto the tool. (Overlapping is not recommended.) The total elapsed time from one placement to the next, including extraction time, will typically take 5-7 seconds.
    • Once all the water has been removed, you may need to use one or more Air Movers to completely dry the carpet. DO NOT use air movers where there is active mold!
    • To eliminate or prevent mold and mildew formation, you may need to apply a microbicide such as MedicClean® (Microban®)or Sporicidin® Disinfectant Solution.
    • Click here for more detailed directions on how to use the Water Claw Flood Tool.

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