Water Claw® Sub-Surface Spot Lifter

Water Claw® Sub-Surface Spot Lifter from Bane-Clene®

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  • Water Claw Subsurface Spot LifterWater Claw® Sub-Surface Carpet Spot Lifter from Bane-Clene®

    If the big spill, spot and stain is in the carpet backing or the pad, then the solution is the Water Claw® Sub-Surface Spot Lifter.

    Water Claw Sub-Surface Spot Lifter - removes cat and dog pet urineThe WATER CLAW® Carpet Sub-Surface SPOT LIFTER has forever changed spotting procedures in the professional cleaning industry. Finally, a tool designed to flush contaminants out of both carpet backing and pad. This simple but amazing tool only requires the power of a small single vac extractor or wet-dry vacuum to generate a super-charged suction.

    Built to last, this professional model has a clear top plate to view extraction results. With the Water Claw Carpet Spot Lifter you can achieve amazing results on urine contamination, wicking problems and spills of all kinds! And the best part is that it can pay for itself the first time you use it.

    Can be used with truckmount or portable - adapts to any hose size.

    Flush out urine contamination, soda pop, oils, soap and detergent residues, food spills, etc. at their source. Try it once and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

    How to Use the Water Claw Spot Lifter for those Large and Deep Spills:

    • For extremely heavy water-based spills such as coffee and cola, simply pour a generous amount of water into the carpet and pad. This will dilute and dissolve everything except oils. For oils, etc., pour plenty of spotting agent onto the spill.
    • For soap residue, flush with a mixture of cold water and defoamer. NOTE: Use with caution if subfloor is particle board!
    • Apply the Water Claw Spot Lifter. Watch your extraction results through the clear top plate. (Repeat as needed.)
    • After heavy deposits are flushed out, if needed, mix a deodorizer such as Molecular Modifier and pour onto the area. The last step will leave a chemical residue for odor control.
    • Apply Water Claw Spot Lifter. To avoid wicking and reappearing stains, apply Stain Blotter or ARA.
    • Let dry for 48 hours Job is done better and at a fraction of the time and cost of other processes.
    • Excellent for severe urine problems when used in conjunction with Pro’s Choice OSR (not for wool).

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    VIDEO: How to Remove Deep-Down Spills from Carpet

    If the problem is in the carpet backing or the pad, then the solution is the Water Claw® Sub-Surface Spot Lifter.