Injection Sprayer Gunjet Handle Valve Repair Kit

Injection Sprayer Gunjet Handle Valve Repair Kit

Item # 30659

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  • Injection Sprayer for
    Carpet Cleaning Traffic Lane Spotters

    from Bane-Clene®

    Automatically draws prespray concentrate from a 5-quart container and sprays at your cleaning temperature for maximum effectiveness. Cut application time in half. Perfect for applying Preface® and TLS® 2000.  See links to these and other related products at the bottom of this page.

    Increases speed and efficiency; requires no hand pumping; requires no electric cords; applies prespray hot; requires no mixing.

    Empty jugs with caps, also available, make the sprayer even more versatile by making it easy to switch products.

    NOTE: Note: Injection Sprayer requires 1 each Male Coupler #21100 and Bushing #20320 to adapt directly to the Bane-Clene solution line. Purchased separately.