Multi-Sprayer® Deluxe Electric Sprayer from Bane-Clene®

Multi-Sprayer® Deluxe Electric Sprayer from Bane-Clene®

Item # 30674

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  • Multi-Sprayer® Deluxe Electric Sprayer

    from Bane-Clene®

    Eliminate the drudgery and uneven application of using a pump-up sprayer.

    Designed to make easy work of applying deodorizers, spotters, presprays.

    A better way to apply Scotchgard™, Teflon® and Bane-Guard™ Carpet Protectors. See links to these and other related products at the bottom of this page.

    Can also be used to apply Wood-Solv™ Step 1.

    Just plug in, snap on the spray tool, and effortlessly spray away with better and faster results than ever.

    A finer, more even application is achieved at higher pressure, and you’re through in half the time as compared to the pump-up sprayer.

    Comes with Viton seals, 50 PSI pump, 20-foot electric cord, a carpet spray tool with quick disconnects, a separate spray tool for furniture, a 2-gallon quick-change jug, and a 10-foot coil spray hose.

    Fitted with #8004 spray tip for proper application of Scotchgard, Bane-Guard™, Teflon and Bane-Guard Carpet Protectors.

    Empty jugs, also available, make the sprayer even more versatile by making it easy to switch products.

    Use the Multi-Sprayer Injection needle to inject anti-microbials into carpet backing to help control mold, mildew and pet urine.Injection Needle, also available, is designed to snap onto the Multi-Sprayer wand quick-disconnect. Makes injecting large quantities of urine treatments into the carpet and pad a snap.

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    Item Size:


    Each, Multi-Sprayer Deluxe.


    #8: FW-10 Coil Spray Hose


    WACS Upholstery Wand Complete


    #19: 13682-50 Brass/SS Strainer


    Cordless Multi-Sprayer (battery operated). (No freight allowance on this item).


    6590-VIKIT Valve Repair Kit


    #6: 6590 Br/SS Trigger Valve


    #12: 2100-692 115 V, Motor/Pump, Viton


    #22: Each, Empty 2-Gallon Jugs


    #17: 160011E On/Off Switch


    #3: M-SS24 SS 24" Wand Tube Only


    Each, Multi-Sprayer Injection Needle


    #25: 30683 BST-N1 Brass Male Coupler


    #5 Brass Quick Coupler