Glue Gun Kit

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks for Carpet Repairs

Item # 30700

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  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
    for Carpet Repairs

    • Solid state heating system assures constant glue temperature.
    • This gun has an unbreakable nylon body, and is designed to prevent glue leakage at the nozzle and the back.
    • Feed mechanism insures a positive glue stick grip.
    • Stand holds gun in safe position while heating.
    • Solid state design also permits use on any AC voltage from 100 to 240, with proper adapter.
    • Has a 1/16" nozzle.
    • Uses 1/2" diameter glue sticks.
    • Rated at 40 Watts and 380 degrees F nozzle temperature.
    • Weighs 14 oz.
    • U.L. Listed.
    • Glue sticks are 7/16" in diameter by 4" long, come 25 to a box, and are especially suitable for carpet repair work when using the Glue Gun Kit.
    • Glue sticks provide a strong "hot tack" and long working time.