Pro's Choice Pro-Solve Gel Thickened Solvent Based Spotter for Oily Spots and Stains

CTI Pro Choice Pro-Solve Gel

Item # 35003

  • Thickened solvent-based spotter that dissolves a very wide variety of substances
  • California VOC Compliant. Environmentally friendly.

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  • Pro’s Choice Pro-Solve Gel Solvent Gel Spotter

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    Pro-Solve Gel Removes Solvent-Soluble Spots

    Pro’s Choice Pro-Solve Gel, a thickened solvent based spotter and companion to Pro’s Choice Pro’s Choice Power Gel, Removes Oily, Solvent-Soluble Spots and Stains from Carpets, Rugs and Upholstery

    Features and Benefits:

    • Pro’s Choice Pro-Solve Gel is the perfect blend of solvents for the professional.
    • Pro’s Choice Power Gel is the most concentrated blend of emulsifiers engineered to dissolve and suspend petroleum based soils and extremely fine particulate soils.
    • Nail polish, ink, oil paint, latex paint, gum, tar, and many more impossible spots are easily removed with this amazing gel spotter.
    • Use Power Gel following application for unbeatable spot removal.
    • Power Gel is one of our most popular spotters!
    • Refer to the Pro’s Choice Printed Stain Removal Guide for all the details on how to use.
    • Pro-Solve Gel is Included in the Pro’s Choice Professional Spotting Kit.

    Pro-Solve Gel is a thickened solvent-based spotter that dissolves a very wide variety of substances including:

    The most effective and professional way to remove these types of substances is to first dissolve the substance with Pro-Solve Gel, then follow this step by emulsifying the substance with Pro’s Choice Power Gel which suspends and emulsifies the material and prevents any re-attachment to fibers during the rinse step. Finally, thoroughly extraction rinse the residue away. See the Pro’s Choice Printed Stain Removal Guide and the Pro’s Choice training tapes and CD’s for application methods and additional uses. See also the Spot & Stain Removal DVD Set by Bane-Clene’s chemist, Don Terry.

    Properties & Specifications:

    • Restrictions on Use: Professional Use Only. Keep out of reach of children. ALL citrus-based products, including Pro-Solve Gel, will dissolve foam blocks! Be sure to rinse thoroughly after use!
    • Form: Gel.
    • Color: Colorless.
    • Odor: Light solvent odor.
    • Use pH: 7.
    • Use Concentration: Undiluted.
    • Storage: Protect product from freezing. Keep container closed when not in use. Avoid excessive heat. Store in a cool dry area away from ignition sources.
    • Container Size: 3.0 ounce yellow tube with flip cap.
    • Manufacturer: Pro’s Choice - CTI - Chemical Technologies International Inc.
    • Country of Manufacture: United States of America.
    • Flammability: 68 Degrees Fahrenheit (ºF).

    Instructions and Directions for Removing Stains and Spots from Carpet with Pro-Solve Gel:

    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Read label directions and cautions before using.
    • Always test on a hidden or inconspicuous area first.
    • Holding lid closed, shake vigorously before use.
    • Apply gel to contamination
    • Agitate gently with a Pro’s Choice Carpet Shark or bone scraper.
    • Apply Power Gel to emulsify the spot.
    • Agitate gently with a Carpet Shark or bone scraper.
    • (Pro Solve dissolves and breaks down the contamination and the Power Gel emulsifies and suspends everything so it can be rinsed out.)
    • When contamination is dissolved hot water extraction rinse to remove residue.
    • Apply Stain Blotter to keep the spot from coming back.
    • The customer can vacuum the Stain Blotter the next day.
    • NOTE: ALL citrus-based products, including Pro-Solve Gel, will dissolve foam blocks! Be sure to rinse thoroughly after use!

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    Pro-Solv Gel and Power Gel Spotters for Oily Carpet Stains by Pro’s Choice

    Video is from a Bane-Clene® spotting class conducted by Bane-Clene’s chemist. Pro’s Choice Pro-Solve Gel and Power Gel, thickened solvent based spotter and emulsifier, removes oily, solvent-soluble spots and stains from carpets, rugs and upholstery without spreading the spot and without delaminating the carpet.

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