Carpet Repair Kit / Cookie Cutter

The ultimate carpet spot & stain removal tool when all else has failed! from Bane-Clene®

Item # 30882

  • The ultimate carpet spotting tool, when all else has failed.
  • This Cookie Cutter is made from polished cast aluminum, has an adjustable depth pivot pin and four replaceable blades to cut a 3¼” diameter circle.

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  • Carpet Repair Kit / Cookie Cutter

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    The ultimate carpet spotting tool, when all else has failed, is a 'cookie cutter.'

    The Bane-Clene Carpet Repair Kit / Cookie Cutter is the ultimate carpet spot & stain removal tool when all other spot and stain removal attempts have failed! Utilize remnants or carpet from a hidden area to repair cigarette burns, permanent stains, bleach spots and other small damage.

    Features and Benefits of Using the Bane-Clene Carpet Repair Kit:

    • Unlike the cheaply made and hard to use plastic cookie cutters with a fixed pivot pin, this cookie cutter tool is made from polished cast aluminum, has an adjustable depth pivot pin and four replaceable blades to cut a 3¼ inch diameter circle.
    • Utilizes remnants, or carpet from hidden areas.
    • Perfect for cigarette burns and other small damaged areas.
    • Fix burns, holes, stains or any other defect using carpet remnants or carpet hidden under heavy furniture, in the closet, etc.
    • Comes with pressure sensitive six 4½ inch diameter INSTA-HOLD pressure sensitive adhesive backed discs. to bond the repair piece to the rest of the carpet. The Insta-hold is a tough, extremely tacky, adhesive pad that holds the repaired area together.
    • Includes four cookie cutter removable blades that cut a 3 1/8 inch circle in carpet for making repairs
    • Has a spring loaded depth pivot pin to make precise cuts.

    Properties & Specifications:

    • Restrictions on Use: Not for use on direct glue down carpet.
    • Size of Cut: Approximately 3¼ inch diameter circle.
    • Package Includes: Instructions, cookie cutter main body, 4 blades, pivot pin, Insta-Hold adhesive backed discs.
    • Construction: Main body is made from polished cast aluminum.
    • Catalog Number: 30882.

    Instructions and Directions for Repairing Carpet Stains or Damage with the Repair KIt:

    1. Keep device, especially the blades, out of reach of children.
    2. Read label directions and cautions before using.
    3. We suggest watching the below video, “How to Remove ‘Impossible’ Stains from Carpet” before proceeding.
    4. WITHOUT BLADES on the carpet cutter, carefully define a circular path to cut (around the stain or imperfection).
    5. Add blades and center pivot screw to cutter, per included directions. Put the cutting blades in the down position. All the cutting edges must face in the same direction.
    6. Make sure pivot screw and blade screws are tightened firmly. Note that the picture shows blades positioned for right hand use.
    7. The center pivot screw screw should be positioned so that point extends about 1/8 inch beyond the tips of the blades.
    8. Carefully rotate cutter unit, and cut replacement from carpet remnant.
    9. Place a piece of masking tape over the damaged area.
    10. Position the tool so that the tip of the center pivot screw is over the center of the damaged area.
    11. Press tool down firmly. With a rotating motion, cut entirely through the carpet, but not the pad.
    12. Reproduce the cutting procedure like with the remnant, but on the damaged area.
    13. Carefully remove damaged carpet cut piece.
    14. Peel away backing from included Insta-Hold adhesive pad. Moisten the adhesive and your fingers (water prevents premature adhesion).
    15. Using the pre-cut slit on discs, slip into circular hole made in your carpet (adhesive side up).
    16. Insert Insta-Hold disc through the cutout using the pre-cut slit. Turn counter-clockwise when rotating disc into position.
    17. Center Insta-Hold disc so it lies flat and the end of the pre-cut slit is positioned at the center of the patch area.
    18. Seal carpet edge to prevent delamination of carpet backing.
    19. Place your previously cut repair piece (from the remnant) into sealer hole.
    20. Rotate it to match existing carpet pile direction.
    21. Apply pressure to assure adhesion.
    22. Trim any loose tufts.
    23. Step heavily on repaired area to assure good adhesion.
    24. If replacement patch came from a hidden section of carpet, install the damaged area cut-out in that location.
    25. NOTE: If remnant looks much better than the carpet that it is being patched into, roughen it up such as rubbing it on concrete until it looks about as bad as the rest of the carpet!
    26. NOTE: This system is designed for repairs of cut pile carpets and rugs (except hand woven or oriental rugs) installed over a pad. Not for use on direct glue-down carpet installations.

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