PCA™ Formula 4 High-pH Heavy-Duty Extraction Powdered Cleaning Agent - 40lb Pail

PCA™ Formula 4 Heavy-Duty Extraction Powdered Cleaning Agent and Emulsifier for Heavily-Soiled Commercial Carpets from Bane-Cle

Item # 10675

  • For professional use only! Not for use by consumers!
  • PCA Formula 4 is safe and recommended for most types of extraction equipment.
  • High pH PCA Formula 4 is highly concentrated and contains 100% active ingredients, descaling agents, plus pile-softening, anti-foaming and odor-controlling ingredients.oftening, anti-foaming and odor-controlling ingredients.
  • PCA 4 contains unique surfactants for maximum cleaning and solubility required for siphon-feed induction type equipment, as well as special chemical complexes that increase production and decrease drying time for portable type equipment.
  • It is not affected by extreme hot water conditions and can be mixed and stored in a concentrated form without settling or potency loss occurring.
  • PCA Formula 4, with its exceptional grease cutting power, is tough enough for your worst jobs such as restaurants, trashed apartments and heavily soiled carpets.
  • PCA Formula 4 is outstanding on removing oils from oil-loving olefin carpets.

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  • PCA™ Formula 4 - the Optimum in Commercial Grade Carpet Cleaning Agent Emulsifiers

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    Cleaning dirty carpet with PCA Formula 4

    PCA Formula 4 is safe and recommended for most types of hot water extraction carpet cleaning equipment.

    Properties & Specifications:

    • Restrictions on Use:
      • For professional use only! Not for use by consumers!
      • Keep out of reach of children.
      • Do not use on stain-resistant nylon carpet, natural fibers, upholstery, prints or BASF Zeftron® 2000.
      • PCA Formula 4 has been designed for commercial only.
      • PCA Formula 4 should never be used with equipment containing aluminum pumps or water tanks.
    • Form: White, free-flowing powder.
    • Odor: Lemon.
    • Use pH: 11-12.
    • Use Concentration: 0.4 ounces per gallon. Add 1/3 of that amount of Booster as well.
    • Storage: Protect product from freezing. Keep container closed when not in use.
    • Container Size: 40 pound pail and 6 pound jar.
    • Manufacturer: Bane-Clene Corp.®
    • Country of Manufacture: United States of America.
    • Flammability: Non-flammable.
    • Catalog Number: 10675.

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    Presented by Bane-Clene's chemist, this video shows how PCA Formula 5, Booster and Per-Scent are used in a Bane-Clene truckmount carpet cleaning machine.

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    Instructions and Directions for PCA Formula 4:

    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Read label directions and cautions before using.
    • Always test on a hidden or inconspicuous area first.
    • Use a clean container to pre-mix a concentrate.
    • Pre-mix the proper amount of PCA Formula 4 as indicated below with approximately 2 gallons of very hot water.
    • Shake well until dissolved and then pour the mixture into the clean water supply tank of the unit.
    • Finish filling the tank with water.
    • However much PCA 4 was added, add 1/3 as much Booster™ for added cleaning power and water softener. Add 1 ounce of Per-Scent per 100 gallons.
    • Mega-Port® 4 ounces PCA 4 (with a Measuring cup) plus 1.33 ounces of Booster per 10 gallons water.
    • Ultra-Port Basic / Ultra-Port Deluxe®: 8 ounces PCA 4 plus 2.67 ounces of Booster per 20 gallons water.
    • Mini-Mount® & Perma-Mount 70®: 28 ounces PCA 4 plus 9.33 ounces of Booster per 70 gallons water.
    • Maxi-Mount®, Perma-Mount 120®, Para-Mount®: 48 ounces PCA 4 plus 16 ounces of Booster per 120 gallons water.
    • Duo-Mount®: 60 ounces PCA 4 plus 20 ounces of Booster per 150 gallons water.

    Filling Directions for PCA Formula 4 Powdered Cleaning Agent in Siphon-Feed Systems:

    1. Make a pre-mix solution by adding 8 to 24 ounces (liquid measure with a Measuring cup) of PCA Formula 4 to each 5 gallons capacity of the concentrate tank.
    2. Agitate the solution until completely dissolved before beginning siphon operation. Adjust dial as needed.
    Use Concentration:0.4 oz/gal
    Use pH:11-12 at 0.4 oz/gal