Superscreen Screen Back Disc for 20" machine

Superscreen Disc for 20" machine. Case of 10 - 150 grit

Item # 32969

  • 150 grit - medium fine

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  • Screening a wood floorScreen Back Discs for Wood-Solv hardwood floor restoration

    • Used primarily on hardwood floors.
    • The discs sand down the old finish so that new finish can be applied.
    • Manufactured with waterproof resins and silicon carbide abrasive.
    • 150 grid - medium fine.
    • Average coverage of a screen disc is 250 sq. ft. per side.
    • A necessity in wood floor refinishing.

    Screen Back Method

    If there is a trace of wax or other foreign material that might prevent good adhesion of the finish, instead of using Step One No-Sanding Prep, the floor can be dry screened with 150 grit screen back discs:

    1. Place screen on floor.
    2. Place a blue or red pad on the screen to act as a drive pad.
    3. Place the rotary floor machine, equipped with a drive plate, evenly on the pad.
    4. Go over the entire floor, removing enough of the old finish that it is dull, but not enough to cut into the grain.
    5. Replace screen when it is no longer effective. It can be cleaned / vacuumed later.
    6. Remove dry residue by vacuuming.
    7. Go over the floor & baseboard with a tack rag.