Odor Eliminator by Pro's Choice from Bane-Clene® 1 Gallon

Pro’s Choice Odor Eliminator Powerful water based odor neutralizer from Bane-Clene®

Item # 35017

  • Odor counteractant for stubborn odors such as urine, vomit, mildew and dead body.
  • Odor Eliminator can be used by direct spray, injection, wet fogging or as an additive to cleaning solution.
  • Odor Eliminator leaves a fresh clean fragrance that your customers will love and lingers for days.
  • Odor Eliminator is a multidimensional odor neutralizer with the chemistry to dissolve, absorb, encapsulate and neutralize odors.
  • Odor Eliminator is the answer to severe odor problems and excellent treatment for pet urine.

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  • Odor Eliminator by Pro’s Choice

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    CTI Odor Eliminator

    Odor Eliminator is a powerful, water-based odor counteractant’s chemistry dissolves, absorbs, encapsulates and neutralizes stubborn odors such as urine, vomit, mildew and dead body.

    Properties & Specifications:

    • Restrictions on Use: Professional Use Only. Keep out of reach of children.
    • Form: Liquid.
    • Color: Clear.
    • Odor: Clean Scent.
    • Use pH: 7.5.
    • Use Concentration: Up to 20 to 1 (6.5 oz. per gallon water).
    • Approved Use: Contains no cationics - does not void stain-resistant nylon carpet warranty.
    • Storage: Protect product from freezing. Keep container closed when not in use.
    • Container Size: Single Gallons.
    • Manufacturer: Pro’s Choice (CTI - Chemical Technologies, Inc.).
    • Country of Manufacture: United States of America.
    • VOC content: VOC Compliant.
    • Flammability: Nonflammable.
    • Catalog Number: 35017.

    How to Use Odor Eliminator to Remove Foul Odors:

    • For tough jobs (urine, dead body, etc.), apply full strength directly to odor source.
    • For best results, pre-treat odorous area with UPT+ Urine Pretreatment and clean thoroughly prior to application.
    • For general use (mildew, smoke, etc.), dilute up to 20 to 1 as dictated by the severity of the odor problem.
    • Apply Odor Eliminator liberally to surface being treated using pump sprayer and coarse droplets.
    • CAUTION: Do not over-use product. Excessive application will result in extremely long lasting fragrance.`Slippery when wet. Discretion is advised when treating large areas or when application is via wet fogging applicator to thoroughly ventilate and dry treated area prior to re-entry.

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    Use pH:7.5