Perky® Carpet Groomer from Bane-Clene®

Perfect Size for Resale

Item # 30507

  • From Bane-Clene® and Groom Industries®
  • Perfect Size for Resale.
  • Designed for consumers - ideal for home-usage.
  • Revives “tired” looking crushed, matted high-pile plush carpet.
  • Perfect for Removing Pet Hair.
  • In heavy traffic areas, the groomer loosens and raises embedded abrasive hidden dirt and pet hair to the surface for effective vacuuming and restores the carpet pile after cleaning.
  • Erases vacuum cleaner tracks.
  • 12 inch head reaches into corners and under furniture to keep the carpet looking as new as the day it was installed.
  • Provides the “like new” appearance without the vacuuming effort.
  • Works on most types of rugs.
  • Carpet grooming will extend the life of your carpets and rugs.
  • Used by thousands of professionals and homeowners all over the world.
  • Renews the way the carpet looks, especially in high traffic areas like to the kitchen or a bedroom.
  • Using a carpet rake will prevent the fibers from being damaged by dirt and particles that can shorten the life of your carpet by cutting and fraying fibers.
  • Using a carpet rake at least once a week can help keep your carpet healthy looking and double the life.

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  • Perky® Carpet Groomer

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    Perky carpet groomer

    The Perky Carpet Groomer is great for the homeowner to make her cut-pile and plush carpet look much better. Wherever you have carpet, you should have a Perky Groomer. The Perky Groom is a 12 inch household version that gives all the professional performance of the Grandi Groom, but at an affordable price.

    Properties & Specifications:

    • Appearance: Flexible nylon bristles structured like a brush. Includes a handle.
    • Size: 12 inch wide head.
    • Manufacturer: Groom Industries.
    • Approved Use: Recommended by carpet manufacturers for maintaining the nap of new carpets.
    • Construction: Nylon bristles.
    • Catalog Number: 30507.

    How To Use the Perky Carpet Groom:

    • General Grooming:
      • Pull Perky Rake toward you across the carpet to remove pet hair and other debris.
      • When using the Perky Rake, do not exert too much pressure on the handle.
      • For best results, use rapid, short brush strokes, always pulling the rake toward you and not pushing away.
    • Before Vacuuming Or Cleaning:
      • Using a “push-pull” motion will allow the specially designed nylon tines to reach the base of the carpet tufts, separating and freeing the individual fibers of dirt and pet hair that vacuuming cannot get.
    • After Vacuuming Or Cleaning:
      • Using a “push-pull” motion will lift the carpet pile, restructuring the original design. This motion will also give the carpet a finished grooming to render a “like new” appearance.
      • On dense and deep pile plush carpeting, it is best to finish by a “pulling” motion only.

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