Perky® Carpet Groomer from Bane-Clene®

Perfect Size for Resale

Item # 30507

  • From Bane-Clene® and Groom Industries®
  • Perfect Size for Resale.
  • Ideal for home-usage.
  • Revitalize "Tired" Looking High-Pile Carpet
  • Perfect for Removing Pet Hair
  • Great for Removing Pet Hair

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  • Perky® Carpet Groom from Bane-Clene

    • Perfect Size for Resale.
    • Ideal for home-usage.
    • Revitalize "Tired" Looking High-Pile Carpet.
    • Perfect for Removing Pet Hair.
    • Great for Removing Pet Hair.

    This carpet grooming rake designed for consumers revives crushed, matted carpeting in heavy traffic areas, raises abrasive hidden dirt to the surface for effective vacuuming and restores the carpet pile after cleaning. It also erases cleaning tracks and removes embedded pet hair. It’s a perfect size for resale to your customers.

    12" head reaches into corners and under furniture to keep the carpet looking as new as the day it was installed. Simultaneously loosens and lifts embedded soil and pet hair before vacuuming, erases vacuum cleaner tracks and provides the "like new" appearance without the vacuuming effort.

    Wherever you have carpet, you should have a Perky Groomer.

    The Perky Groom is a 12" household version that gives all the professional performance of the Grandi Groom, but at an affordable price.

    How To Use the Perky Carpet Groom:

    • Before Vacuuming Or Cleaning:
      • Using a “push-pull” motion will allow the specially designed nylon tines to reach the base of the carpet tufts, separating and freeing the individual fibers of dirt and pet hair that vacuuming cannot get.
    • After Vacuuming Or Cleaning:
      • Using a “push-pull” motion will lift the carpet pile, restructuring the original design. This motion will also give the carpet a finished grooming to render a “ like new” appearance.
    • On dense and deep pile carpeting, it is best to finish by a “pulling” motion only.

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