ChlorX Bleach Neutralizer for CMC Color Modifying Cosmetics by Pro's Choice

ChlorX Bleach Neutralizer

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  • ChlorX is a highly active bleach neutralizer

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  • ChlorX Bleach Neutralizer

    Description: ChlorX is a highly active bleach neutralizer.


    3 oz. ChlorX into 8 oz. Water.

    How to Use ChlorX Prior to Re-dyeing Carpet with CMC:

    1. Flood the bleached spot with water and vacuum dry.
    2. Repeat this process at least 3 times to remove as much contamination as possible.
    3. Thoroughly soak the bleached area with ClorX solution and allow 3 minutes dwell time prior to your color restoration.
    4. Very important: Remove as much moisture as possible before you begin your color restoration.
    5. As with all cleaning chemicals pre-test your procedure in an inconspicuous area prior to using.

    How to Identify and Fix Carpet Bleach Spots - from Bane-Clene® for professional cleaners

    Carpet dye loss by bleach, acne medicine and other medications. Part of a presentation at a Bane-Clene spot and stain removal training class for professional carpet cleaners by Bane-Clene's chemist.