Shoe Booties / Shoe Protectors for Professional Carpet Cleaners by Pro-Tect® (5/pack)

Shoe Booties Show care for your customer’s home

Item # 39915

  • One Size Fits All. Fits Shoe sizes 6-14.
  • Slip over all types of footware from tennis shoes to work boots to protect carpet and floors.
  • Water-restistant.
  • These shoe protectors are disposable.
  • These lightweight shoe cover booties are a must-have for professional carpet cleaners.
  • Don’t bring dirt into your customer’s home on the bottom of your dirty shoes!
  • In many homes of customers who love their home, they insist on visitors removing their shoes!
  • If you take the time to show your prospective customer that you care about their home when you’re doing an estimate the job, it shows them you will take care of their house when you start the work.
  • Personal grooming, care of equipment and good manners are every bit as important as knowing how to do the job.
  • What the prospect or customer thinks of you on first impression will affect present and future business dealings.
  • As Don Terry, our chemist and one of our school instructors says, ‘An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance’.
  • Pack of 5 pairs.
  • Catalog Number: 39915.

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  • Shoe Booties / Shoe Protectors by Pro-Tect®

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    Shoe protectors are disposable

    There is no better way to create a positive impression than by wearing a pair of shoe booties when cleaning or doing inspections or estimates. Show care for your customer’s home by slipping them on over your shoes before entering her house.

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