Authorized Registered Technician (A.R.T.) Uniform Patch

Uniform Patch Available only to technicians who’ve completed the Bane-Clene carpet cleaning training program and have received t

Item # 40006

  • Look like a professional. Stand above your competitors. Create a great first impression when your customer first opens the door to you. People judge others by outward appearance.
  • What the prospect or customer thinks of you on first impression will affect present and future business dealings.
  • The ART (Authorized Registered Technician) patch, the FCT Factory Trained Technician Arm Patch, the Photo Identification Badge and the PCA™ Uniform Patch and Decal help establish credibility and boost consumer confidence.
  • Personal grooming, care of equipment and good manners are as important as knowing how to do the job. An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance!
  • A study by AmeriPride and J.D. Powers and Associate found that 83% of people interviewed say employees in uniform are more recognizable and 58% believe uniforms enhance the perception of a company’s service or products.
  • In a study conducted at Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School, by margins of up to 9 to 1, companies that outfit employees in uniforms and branded corporate logo apparel report that their employee uniforms outperform internet, newspape

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  • Authorized Registered Technician (A.R.T.) Uniform Patch for Carpet Cleaning Professionals

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    Well groomed uniformed carpet cleaning technicians

    This uniform patch for your uniform shows the customer or prospect that you are a PROFESSIONAL carpet cleaner who has been trained and certified. 

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    Size: Approximately 2 inches x 2 1/2 inches.
    Restrictions on Use:Available only to technicians who’ve completed the Bane-Clene carpet cleaning training program and have received technician certification.
    Manufacturer:Bane-Clene Corp®.
    Country of Manufacture:United States of America.
    Colors:Red, white and blue
    Catalog Number:40006