"We Did It Their Way" - Mr. Bane's Book

"We Did it Their Way - A Family Odyssey" by William F. (Bill) Bane

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  • We Did It Their Way

    Here is Wm. F. (Bill) Bane's story of his family's rise from obscurity to a position of prominence in the cleaning industry!

    The book is a compendium of Bill's life adventures and a step-by-step outline of the path his family followed in the organization of a successful business and development of a unique cleaning system.

    "This book is a rare find. You will learn and laugh, a great combination. Bill Bane has smart business tips, personal anecdotes, and ideas for a life well lived. He is part Tom Peters, part Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and all heart and common sense. You'll enjoy this book, as I did!"

    --- Jonathan Trivers, Past President, Abbey Carpets