Wood-Solv™ Wood Floor Repairing, Refinishing and Restoring Informational DVD

Wood-Solv™ information DVD

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  • Wood-Solv™ Wood Floor Repairing, Refinishing and Restoring Informational DVD # 63007

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    Play this roughly 5 minute DVD on a PC, laptop or DVD player to learn how you can turn a worn, damaged wood floor to look nearly new again - WITHOUT SANDING!

    Wood-Solv™ features award-winning NO-SANDING technology for repairing, restoring and refinishing wood floors:

    • This system is being used successfully by many of our professional carpet cleaning professional customers to provide extra services to their customers. Wood-Solv offers professional refinishing with no mess and minimal disruption.
    • According to the standard of a 15x15 foot room using a two-person team, a job can be completed in about four hours, assuming there are no repairs to be made. It takes a half hour for step one repairs; step two can vary in time, depending on the extent of required repairs; a half hour for step three, which dries in 75 minutes, and a half hour for application of the second coat, followed by another 75 minutes to dry.
    • The top coat is twice as durable as conventional wood finishes and does not yellow as it ages. Additionally, the chemicals produce no hazardous fumes, so there is no need for special ventilation during application.
    • On average, the catalyzed urethane finish is expected to last as well as or better than other residential top coats. The industry standard for the life of a top coating is three to five years.

    The benefits of the Wood-Solv Wood Floors system are:

    • Minimal disruption and mess - the system takes less than one day to complete without messy sanding and in 8 hours you can go lightly on your floors. In 24 hours, the floor is fully rejuvenated! A contractor would need almost a week to clean, sand, finish and clean up. And, the dust from the sanding would be throughout the house!
    • Professional Results - high quality products from RPM’s Wood Finishes Group, a leader in wood coatings. The finish is more durable than competitive finishes, with 5 times the solids.
    • Savings versus Contract Sand and Finish - Wood-Solv for Wood Floors is an economical alternative to waiting for the floors to deteriorate to the point of sanding and refinishing.

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