Wood-Solv™ DAP Fill Sticks Dark Woods

Wood-Solv™ Fill Sticks For repairs to wood and laminate floors from Bane-Clene®

Item # 63030

  • For repairs such as nicks, cigarette burns, nail holes, scratches and small compression marks less than 1/8" in width in hardwood, laminate and Pergo® floors.
  • The fast, easy way to repair nail holes, scratches and other minor blemishes in finished wood surfaces.
  • The Blend Stick’s unique teardrop shape makes it easier to use than other blending products.
  • It’s also ideal for wood and simulated wood surfaces such as paneling, woodwork, molding, furniture and cabinets.
  • It will not shrink, stain or discolor.
  • Interior use only.

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  • Wood-Solv™ DAP Fill Sticks to Repair Wood Floors

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    Compress Fill Stick into damage area.

    With the Wood-Solv Fill Sticks, you can repair nicks, cigarette burns, nail holes, scratches and small compression marks less than 1/8 inch in width in hardwood, laminate and Pergo® floors.

    Properties & Specifications:

    • Restrictions on Use: Keep out of reach of children.
    • Form: Colored crayon-like tear-drop shaped solid waxy sticks.
    • Odor: Virtually odor free.
    • Storage: Store below 120 degrees F. Keep container closed when not in use.
    • Manufacturer: DAP Inc.®
    • Country of Manufacture: United States of America.
    • Flammability: Not applicable.
    • Catalog Number: 63030.

    Directions for repairing laminate, Pergo, cork, parquet, bamboo engineered wood floors:

    1. Repair Tools needed: Plastic scraper and Scotch-Brite® pad
    2. Be sure area is clean and dry!
    3. Choose the color closest in color to the lightest background color.
    4. Mix two colors together if necessary.
    5. Hold in your hand for a bit and your own body heat will soften it to a very useable consistency.
    6. Just rub it over the damaged area and it fills it in - it couldn’t get much easier.
    7. Compress Blend Stick into damage area.
    8. Slightly overfill the defect.
    9. Remove excess material with the plastic scraper.
    10. Rub surface gently with a fine Scotchbrite pad to remove gloss/waxy area.
    11. Replace grain if needed.
    12. Repairs can only IMPROVE the look of the damage. It is not a 100% invisible fix - especially scratches and gouges AGAINST the grain!
    13. Not all damage can be repaired.
    15. NOTE: Much more detailed information is available on the training video, in the training manual and in the training class.

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