Wood-Solv™ - 8" Flock Foam Corner Edger Refill

Wood-Solv™ Finish Flock Foam Corner Edger for Application of Wood Floor Finish from Bane-Clene®

Item # 63112

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  • Wood-Solv™ 8 inch Flock Foam Microfiber Corner Edger Refill for Applying New Finish to Wood & Laminate Floors

    from Bane-Clene® Corp.

    Microfiber Wood Finish Edge Applicator

    Wood-Solv Flock Foam Corner Edger is specially designed for application of Wood-Solv Step 3 Finish in tight areas and in corners.

    Features and Benefits of Edger Applicator:

    • Works with all water-based stains, sealants, paints and wood floor finishes.
    • Smooth even finish - no brushmarks.
    • Threaded for an extension handle.
    • Shown with # 63186 Threaded Wood Handle, NOT INCLUDED.
    • Replaceable pads (sold separately)

    Properties & Specifications:

    • Shape: Rectangular.
    • Size: 8 inches x ~3 1/2 inches x ~ 1 5/8 inches.
    • Recommended Cleaning Method: Warm water directly after use.
    • Materials: Plastic, Foam, Flock

    How to Apply Wood Floor Finish with the Microfiber Edger:

    • The Edger is used after doing all necessary repairs to the wood floor and after cleaning and preparing the floor with Wood-Solv Prep.
    • Before applying finish to the rest of the floor, apply Wood-Solv Finish around the edges with the Foam Block Edger.
    • Saturate micro-fiber applicator pad and pull in the direction of the grain
    • Be sure to “feather” at end of stroke to avoid puddling.
    • Apply in PAPER-THIN layers!
    • You need to just “float” the surface of the brush into the paint; don’t try to soak it.
    • We suggest that you watch the video or come to the training class to gain more “expertise” in applying the finish.

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