Timbermate Cherry Wood Filler/Putty - 8 oz

Wood Filler & Wood Repair Putty/Filler For repairs of holes, gouges, cracks and small burns over 1/8" up to 1/2" on wood floors

Item # 63400

  • Timbermate Wood Filler and Wood Repair Putty is a water based product that is not prone to cracking, shrinking, sinking or falling out like many water based fillers.
  • Protect from Freezing!
  • Fills cracks, knots, pin and screw holes, splits, blemishes, etc.
  • TIMBERMATE can be mixed with any stains before or after filler is dry. To match medium and darker shades mix with Natural, Pine or other light shades.

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  • Timbermate® Wood Filler & Wood Repair Putty/Filler for Wood-Solv Floor Refinishing and Repairs

    For repairs of holes, gouges, cracks and small burns over 1/8" up to 1/2" on wood floors from Bane-Clene®

    Timbermate Wood Filler and Wood Repair Putty is an Interior grade 4 in 1 wood putty, grain filler, edge filler and crack filler. Timbermate Wood Filler and Wood Repair Putty is water based product and is not prone to cracking, shrinking, sinking or falling out like many water based fillers:

    • Timbermate Wood repair putty fills cracks, holes and gouges.
    • Timbermate takes all types of known stains, varnishes and coatings.
    • Timbermate Wood repair putty dries hard and smooth in about 30 minutes.
    • Sands easily.
    • May be stained when dry or just add stain. Other repair putty fillers have trouble accepting stain.
    • Compatible with Wood-Solv™ finishes.
    • Non-flammable, indefinite shelf life.
    • If Timbermate wood filler and wood repair putty dries out, just add water - so there’s never any waste.
    • Other wood-fillers are solvent, latex or acrylic based and they tend to shrink or crack.

    Wood floor repair is more an art than a science as repairing a wood floor deals with color matching the color and grain of the wood. In most cases minor blemishes, scratches and cuts in the wood can be easily hidden with the right blend of colored putties, fill sticks and graining pencils. If you choose to perform a finish repair, this process should be performed after the old finish has been prepped and before the new Wood-Solv Wood Floor Finish is applied.

    How to Repair Damaged Wood Floors with Timbermate Wood Putty:

    1. Determine the color of the wood and or wood stain.
    2. Area should be clean and dry.
    3. If needed, use a fine Scotchbrite® pad to remove any dirt, grease or oil.
    4. If gouge is rough, sand it first.
    5. Dampening the pad with mineral spirits will aid in the cleaning.
    6. Always use the pad rubbing in the direction of the grain
    7. Use light pressure to avoid removing finish and from sanding through the color line.
    8. Lightly sand the defective area using a rubber block and sandpaper to remove any ridge around the damage area.
    9. Make sure area is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.
    10. Clean any loose material out of the defect.
    11. Small burns up to 1/2" that have penetrated the wood itself can be repaired.
    12. You will need to remove the darkened material using a knife or sandpaper.
    13. Tack cloth the buffed area to remove all dust.
    14. Apply denatured alcohol to a clean white cloth then clean the area to be repaired.
    15. It is better to have your repair lighter in color to the surrounding area than darker.
    16. Apply the color matched putty to the repair using a stiff plastic or stainless steel putty knife working with the grain and applying even firm pressure to the repair area. Do not allow a build up of putty.
    17. NOTE: Low grade steel putty knives can cause the surface of the filler to turn black.
    18. If hole or gouge is greater than 1/4", fill by layering the putty in 1/4" increments.
    19. Compress the putty into the damage area.
    20. Allow to dry completely between layers. May use heat gun to speed drying time.
    21. Slightly overfill the defect with the wood repair putty.
    22. Always scrape in the direction of the damage, keeping both edges of the putty knife on solid wood.
    23. Using a single edge safety razor, gently smooth the putty on the repaired area working with the grain.
    24. It may take 2 - 3 coats of wood repair putty as it may shrink while drying.
    25. Use the appropriate colored fill stick to tone down the putty on the repaired area once the putty has hardened working with the grain of the wood.
    26. Gently buff the repair using a clean white cotton towel working with the grain.
    27. Allow the material to dry hard (30-60 minutes depending on depth of repair). A small hair dryer will speed up the process.
    28. Once dry, sand flat using sandpaper and a rubber block.
    29. Sand in the direction of the grain.
    30. For the Timbermate wood repair putty, you may apply water-based stain (if staining).
    31. Timbermate will dry lighter, but go back to its original wet color once coated with clear finish.
    32. Gently apply grain to the repair using the appropriately colored graining pencil.
      Helpful Hint: Nature is not a straight line; when graining look at the grain of the undamaged area and mirror that grain.
    33. For large numbers of gouges, nail holes, etc. covering large areas, fill with the wood repair filler putty, allow to dry, then buff with a white pad on your buffer. (Example: Tackless strip after pulling old carpet.)
    34. Timbermate is ready to sand when fading of color occurs.
    35. Clean hands or tools with water.
    36. If all repairs are now complete, apply Wood-Solv™ Wood Floor Finish to the entire floor as directed.
    37. Not suitable for exterior use.
    38. If contents become dry merely add a few drops of water to reconstitute. DO NOT add more water than is necessary or leave excess water in tub for a long period of time. The trapped excess water in the tub will cause the putty to become contaminated and will start to degenerate.
    39. NOTE: Much more detailed information is available on the training video, in the training manual and in the hands-on training class.
    40. Protect Wood Putty from Freezing!

    Suggested Tools for Repairing Wood, Cork, Bamboo, Laminate, Engineered or Pergo Floor Damage:

    • A test piece of the wood, if available.
    • Sharp single edge safety razor.
    • Plastic or stainless steel putty knife.
    • Emery paper.
    • Tack Cloth.
    • Clean white cotton cloths.
    • Denatured Alcohol.
    • Scotchbrite® pad.
    • Putty mixing surface.
    • Small hair dryer to accelerate drying.

    Wood Floor Repair and Refinishing Information:

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