Bane-Clene® Mini-Mount Carpet Cleaning Truckmount System

Truck-Mounted Flexibilty for Mini-Vans

Item # 00004

  • Limited Production Item
  • Available in Used and Remanufactured Models Only
  • Please call 800-428.9512 for availability and pricing
  • Please call for van size specifications
  • Triple heating system
  • Clean all day without having to refill or dump water
  • Totally electric, with no dangerous or expensive fuels required
  • It is not necessary to operate truck engine while cleaning - saving fuel and avoiding carbon monoxide poison dangers.

  • Please Call to Order
  • Mini-Mount Carpet Cleaning Truckmount System

    The Mini-Mount is the best, most flexible, electric-powered carpet cleaning truck-mount for Mini-Vans

    The Mini-Mount carpet cleaning equipment is the first truck-mounted system designed especially for fuel-efficient mini-vans, which will fit into almost any garage or tight area. This carpet cleaning system is ideal for areas where extreme distance between jobs is a concern. It has the storage capacity, in many instances, to perform a full day's work. The Base Unit can be portable in less than one minute.

    Triple heating system: Wasted engine heat automatically heats your cleaning solution to the right temperature and an auxiliary electric heater is used for water temperature control. The large insulated tanks enable you to clean all day without having to refill or dump water. The system is totally electric, with no dangerous or expensive fuels required. It is not necessary to operate truck engine while cleaning - saving fuel and avoiding carbon monoxide poison dangers.

    Mini-Mount may not fit into all makes of mini-vans. Please call for size specifications.

    Why Bane-Clene Over All Other "Truck-mounted" Carpet Cleaning Equipment?


      Electricity is the cheapest, most dependable form of energy. It's safe - not dangerous like so many of the stored fuels. The truckmounted carpet cleaning machine may be operated in a closed building without the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Electricity doesn't require a lot of maintenance and it does not break down in the middle of a job. It is never hard to start.

      Excessive water pressure may cause wetting of the backing material of a carpet. This overwetting causes wicking, shrinkage, splitting of seams, browning and mildew. It just drives the vapor in too hard. Bane-Clene carpet care truck-mounts operate at 140 PSI - no problems or complaints. Just the right amount of pressure to safely and thoroughly deep clean all carpet fibers.

      Scalding a carpet has always been opposed by Bane-Clene. The safe range of 170° Fahrenheit has allowed Bane-Clene truckmounted systems to safely clean all known carpet fibers. Doesn't it make sense to use a system that is known for moderation and effective results? Bane-Clene truck-mounts are safe on all carpets, even wool.

      The positive displacement vacuum unit in the Bane-Clene truckmount extraction equipment is unmatched for efficiency in providing over 95% moisture recovery. It does this on only 14 amps. of electricity. It moves air at the slot like no other unit. It is capable of putting vacuum on a large holding tank so you don't have to shut down to dump. It operates more than 150 feet of 2” hose. It is excellent in disaster work such as pumping out flooded carpeting or in fire and smoke damage jobs.

      Base unit on the Mini-Mount truck-mounted carpet cleaning extraction machine may be quickly detached from auxiliary tanks to do high-rise buildings and security jobs that require locked doors, but it is large enough to do production work. You offer your customer ONE standard of service. May be placed quickly and easily in a janitor's closet where water and drain are available. Through the use of long hoses, cleaning may be accomplished even in a hospital room where there is a patient. The operation of the head is quieter than a normal vacuum cleaner. All the patient hears is the rush of air and vapor. Many women are using our equipment in commercial installations - easy to move - not top heavy.

      The 70-gallon stainless steel auxiliary tank in the Mini-Mount ruck mount carpet cleaning equipment provides enough water for all day. By charging the tank only once, waste of chemicals is avoided and peak efficiency is achieved. Ultimate cleaning ability is maintained by our unique recirculating water system. It costs less than $5.00 in chemicals for a full day's cleaning. No other system offers such an inexpensive operation. There is no complex metering equipment or siphon system to fail.

      You don't use their water. You don't dump a pile of lint in their driveways. You don't pour dirty water onto their rose bushes. No noises, no fumes. You can pull into their attached garages, close the door and operate safely in bad weather. Foul, muggy odors are exhausted outside into the holding tank and taken away. Carpets and furnishings are left clean, sweet smelling and nearly dry - PROFESSIONAL!

      You'll make more money than your competitor, be more dependable, do a better job. It will cost you less to operate. Maintenance is practically nonexistent. Isn't this what your service business is all about?

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    Proudly Made in the USA

    Proudly Made in America

    ConstructionHD, 14 Gauge,Stainless Steel, Mounts to Recovery tank with special Bolted Brackets, solution / detergent dilution gauge on tank.
    Capacity:70 Gal., w/3" Capped Fill Port.
    Dimensions:18" W, 22" H, 43" L.
    Electrical System:All electric - 110V - 60 Hz - Single Phase 1 1/2 HP Vacuum Pump Motor with sealed bearings and manual reset overload protector (no maintenance). 1/2 HP Soluton Pump Motor with sealed bearings and manual reset overload protector (no maintenance).
    Power Supply:2 - 15 ft power cords All wiring 12 GAW - vinyl wrapped - insulated - HD HD cord restraints on power cords for safety.
    2 - HD power switches with watertight covers Lighted heater switch with watertight cover Separate vacuum and solution pump ampmeters to monitor equipment performance.
    Vacuum:9 amps at 75% restriction.
    Solution Pump:4 amps at 150 PSI
    Solution Pump with Heater:16 amps.
    Pump:Positive displacement - HD cast iron housing. Requires no maintenance.
    Pressure:150 PSI operating pressure. 30% more GPM than previous unit. 0.6 GPM optimal water usage.
    Filters:50 mesh - primary - HD brass filter. 50 mesh - secondary - brass inline filter.
    Capacity:20 gallons solution.
    Construction:Stainless Steel.
    Heaters:Tank immersion heater with 25 ft cord with holding strap and 20 ampere heavy-duty plug and receptacle. All Stainless Steel Heat Exchange System.
    System uses otherwise wasted engine heat to keep water temperature at safe level. Truck engine heats water while driving at no additional cost to you.
    Insulation:1" FSK Fiberglass Insulation, Protected by Metal Tank Cover. Maintains water temperature.
    Weight:75 Ibs.
    Gauge Package:Temperature, Sight Gallonage Indicator for accurate temperature control and chemical blending.
    Construction:HD, 12 Gauge, Stainless Steel, Baffle Reinforced, Bolts to Truck Frame for optimal safety.
    Capacity:70 Gal.
    Dimensions:11" H, 45" W, 40" L.
    Weight:175 Ibs.
    Discharge:3" Knife Valve with 10' Discharge Hose to direct waste water to drainage receptacle.
    Accessories:Steel Reel Assembly (complete with 150' Solution Hose, 150' Vacuum Hose, and Power Supply Cord), 12" and 4" Cleaning-Head Package (w/Stainless Steel Guide Handle), Standard Installation, Complete Training Program, Operations Manual.
    Warranty:5-Year Conditional Warranty.
    Financing:Lease-Purchase Program Available.