Bane-Clene® Euro-Mount Truck-Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine

Electrical Truck-Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine designed for use outside of North America

Item # 00006

  • Designed for use outside of North America.
  • Limited Production Item
  • Not Available for Online Purchase.
  • Must be Specially Ordered.
  • Please call 800-428.9512 for Pricing

  • Please Call to Order
  • Using the same dependable base unit as the heart of all its truckmounted carpet cleaning systems, Bane-Clene's Euro-Mount has been designed for use outside the United States.

    Power Unit:All electric 240 volt 50 Hz single phase, HD motor unit with sealed bearings requires no maintenance. Temp protected. Motor at idle--6 amps. Pumps engaged--8 amps.
    Dimensions:Vacuum: 20" W, 40" H, 44" L. Solution Supply: 20" W, 28" H, 48" L. Recovery: 9" H, 86" W, 46" L.
    Weight:Vacuum: 238 lbs., 4 Non-marking 5" HD easy rolling casters, Swing-Up Handles. Solution Tank: 120 lbs. Recovery: 296 lbs.
    Construction:Vacuum & Solution: 14 Gauge Lifetime Stainless Steel. Recovery: 12 Gauge Stainless Steel, Baffle Reinforced, Bolts to truck frame for optimal safety.
    Capacity:Solution and recovery: 16.7 imp. gals. (All other features are the same as balance of Electrical System, Solution System, and Vacuum System for Paramount.)
    Solution Delivery:0 to 160 PSI, Positive Displacement
    Vacuum System:Positive Displacement, Modified SAV, Cast Iron, 2" Intake and Outtake Ports with impeller construction, 21,000 FPM velocity at 75% Head Restriction. Recovers 95% of water used.
    Heaters:All Stainless Steel Heat Exchange System. Auxiliary Electric Heater may be used.
    Accessories:Electric Steel Reel Assembly (complete with 150' solution hose, 150' vacuum hose, and power supply cord), 12" and 4" Cleaning Head Package, 8" Stair Tool, Standard Installation, Complete Training Package, Operations Manual, Loading Ramp with power assiste
    Warranty:5-Year Conditional Warranty.