Bane-Clene® Para-Mount® Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Machine

The Ultimate One-Crew Carpet Cleaning Truckmount Machine from Bane-Clene®

Item # 00007

  • Limited Production Item
  • Available in Used and Remanufactured Models Only
  • Please call 800-428.9512 for availabiltiy and pricing
  • Clean all day without having to refill or dump water
  • Totally electric, with no dangerous or expensive fuels required
  • It is not necessary to operate truck engine while cleaning - saving fuel and avoiding carbon monoxide poison dangers.

  • Please Call to Order
  • The Para-Mount® Carpet Cleaning Truckmount Machine

    The Para-Mount carpet cleaning machine is the ultimate one-man truckmounted carpet cleaning system — the result of years of development and refinement. It is designed as a truck-mounted operation with enough water capacity to work all day and take away the waste water, which eliminates the illegal dumping of dirty water onto streets or retention ponds.

    • The Para-Mount has the lowest maintenance time and cost in the carpet cleaning industry.
    • The low profile design distributes weight evenly in the van.
    • Of special note are the deluxe features, consisting of
      • Electric automatic hose reels.
      • Power-assisted loading and unloading.
      • Stainless steel recovery tank.
      • Stainless steel solution tank.
    • The Para-Mount provides the same fast drying time, positive moisture control, chemical blending system and quick setup time—both truck-mounted and portable—as are found in the other Bane-Clene carpet cleaning extractors.
    • Designed for installation into a 3/4 ton van; 1-ton is recommended.

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    VIDEO: NCAA Headquarters Cleaned by Bane-Clene®

    Cleaned using Para-Mount® Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Machine - Going Portable with Base Unit. Used Bane-Clene® Preface Pre-Spray Traffic Lane Spotter, LCA®-256 Detergent with Booster™ for Cleaning Carpets.

    VIDEO: Installation of Bane-Clene Truckmount Carpet Extractor into van

    How to Install Bane-Clene Truckmount Carpet Equipment into van.

    "Proudly Made in the USA"
    Proudly Made in America

    Pump:Positive displacement - HD cast iron housing. HD lobe-type impellers for long life. 2" inlet and 2" outlet ports.
    Greater vacuum than previous unit. Easy access for oil and grease maintenance. Intake filter: Stainless steel.
    Capacity:20 gallons recovery. Stainless steel vacuum relief valve. Tank access door for cleaning and maintenance.
    Exhaust:Large - HD construction - baffled - steel silencer with clean-out ports. Allows for VERY quiet operation indoors. Exhaust disconnect for maintenance.
    Heater System:1500 watt immersion type heater with thermostat and indicator light. 12 amp draw. Stainless steel heat exchange housing 400 PSI rated with easy access clean-out hardware.
    Insulated heater housing with high pressure relief valve. Lighted indicator on/off switch.
    Construction:HD, 14 Gauge,Stainless Steel, Mounts to Recovery tank with special Bolted Brackets, solution / detergent dilution gauge on tank.
    Capacity:120 Gal. w/3" Capped Fill Port.
    Dimensions:20" W, 28" H, 48" L.
    Heaters:Tank immersion heater with 25 ft cord with holding strap and 20 ampere heavy-duty plug and receptacle. All Stainless Steel Heat Exchange System.
    System uses otherwise wasted engine heat to keep water temperature at safe level. Truck engine heats water while driving at no additional cost to you.
    Insulation:1" FSK Fiberglass Insulation, Protected by Metal Tank Cover. Maintains water temperature.
    Weight:120 lbs.
    Gauge Package:Temperature, Sight Gallonage Indicator for accurate temperature control and chemical blending.
    Electrical System:All electric - 110V - 60 Hz - Single Phase 1 1/2 HP Vacuum Pump Motor with sealed bearings and manual reset overload protector (no maintenance). 1/2 HP Soluton Pump Motor with sealed bearings and manual reset overload protector (no maintenance).
    Power Supply:2 - 15 ft power cords All wiring 12 GAW - vinyl wrapped - insulated - HD HD cord restraints on power cords for safety.
    2 - HD power switches with watertight covers Lighted heater switch with watertight cover Separate vacuum and solution pump ampmeters to monitor equipment performance.
    Amperage:Vacuum: 9 amps at 75% restriction. Solution pump: 4 amps at 150 PSI Solution pump with heater: 16 amps.
    Accessories:Electric Steel Reel Assembly. 150' Solution Hose. 150' Vacuum Hose. Two Power Supply Cords. 12" Floor Tool. 4" Upholstery. Stainless Steel Guide Handle for Floor Tool.
    Standard Installation. Complete Training Program. Operations Manual. Ramp with Power-Assisted Loading and Unloading.