Bane-Clene® Duo-Mount® truckmounted carpet cleaning machine

A True Two-Tech Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning System

Item # 00009

  • Allows two operators to clean carpet or upholstery off a single van.
  • Designed for installation into a 1-ton extended van.
  • Cleaning production and efficiency soar to a new level!
  • Limited Availability in Used and Remanufactured Models Only
  • Please call 800.428-9512 for availability and pricing

  • Please Call to Order
  • The Duo-Mount truckmounted carpet cleaning machine allows two operators to clean carpet or upholstery off a single van. Electrically powered, this unit utilizes two powerful positive displacement blowers, which permit a two-man crew to accomplish twice the cleaning production of a normal van.

    The mobile base unit remains as the heart of the cleaning system and continues to offer truck-mount efficiency in portable situations. The all-stainless steel tanks and electric automatic hose reels and winch system make the Duo-Mount the class act of the industry.

    Designed for installation into a 1-ton extended van.

    Note: Systems not available for purchase on-line.

    The Duo-Mount is special order only with a 4-6 week lead-time. (Pending Manufacturing Schedule). 20% Non-Refundable Deposit. If order is cancelled, deposit cannot be applied to anything else.

    Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Equipment Articles and Information:

    "Proudly Made in the USA"
    Proudly Made in America

    Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment Articles and Information:


    Construction:HD, 14 Gauge, Stainless Steel, Mounts to Recovery tank with special Bolted Brackets.
    Capacity:150 gal. w/3" Capped Fill Port.
    Dimensions:22" H, 30" W, 60" L.
    Heaters:Tank immersion heater with 25 ft cord with holding strap and 20 ampere heavy-duty plug and receptacle. All Stainless Steel Heat Exchange System.
    System uses otherwise wasted engine heat to keep water temperature at safe level. Truck engine heats water while driving at no additional cost to you.
    Insulation:1" FSK Fiberglass Insulation, Protected by Metal Tank Cover. Maintains water temperature.
    Weight:150 lbs.
    Gauge Package:Temperature, Sight Gallonage Indicator for accurate temperature control and chemical blending.
    Construction:HD, Stainless Steel, Bolts to vehicle for optimal safety, special tilted construction assures proper drainage.
    Capacity:150 Gal.
    Dimensions:9" H, 100" L, 46" W.
    Weight:450 lbs.
    Discharge:3" Knife Valve with 10' Discharge Hose to direct waste water to drainage receptacle.
    Accessories:Steel Vacuum and Solution Hose Reels (complete with 250' of Solution and Vacuum Hose), 2- 12" tools, 2- 4" tools, 2- 100' electric cords, ramp, operations manual, Standard Installation, 5-year conditional warranty.
    Financing:Lease-Purchase Program Available