Bane-Clene® Ultra-Port Basic Portable System

The Perfect Truck-Mounted Entry-Level Solution Economical with Truck-Mounted Results

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  • Going portable with the Ultra-PortUltra-Port® Basic

    The Perfect Truck-Mounted Entry-Level Solution for Carpet Cleaning.

    The Bane-Clene Ultra-Port Deluxe utilizes the same powerful base unit as our larger truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines.

    Ideal for the company just beginning, this system will give you countless years of low-cost, dependable service.

    It may be upgraded to a larger truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine by adding the truck tanks when your production needs increase.

    Warranty: 5-Year Conditional Warranty.

    Why Bane-Clene Over All Other Portable Carpet Cleaning Extractors?


      Most portable extractors use 20 to 30 amps., causing many problems in blown fuses. Bane-Clene operates a vacuum and solution pump under full load at only 14 amps with our standard equipment. Our dependable portable carpet cleaning equipment is safe. It's simple. No complex metering devices, gadgets or electronic relays to fail. Simple, safe, dependable.

      When the vapor generated by a unit is produced at pressure under 70 PSI, the water is not fully vaporized. It is heavy and coarse, and it drops quickly into the backing material of the carpeting. Just like too much pressure, too little will cause overwetting, and the result will be wicking, shrinkage, splitting of seams, browning and mildew. Our system operates at 140 PSI - just right for cleaning carpets.

      The right amount of pressure and extraction, coupled with a fine cleaning agent, will do a superior job over all other portable carpet cleaning extractors. It is not necessary to scrub with a rotary scrubber. Warm tap water, cleaning agent and traffic spotter (used only in the most severe grease cases) are all you need to do a superior job and to satisfy your customers.

      Most portable extractors use a fan, turbine, squirrel cage or similar vacuum. If you restrict the air flow a little, the air velocity drops dramatically. The more you restrict our positive displacement pump, the harder it works. Add a little extra hose to a fan vac and you'll hear the motor speed up. It gives up and spins in its own vortex. With Bane-Clene, you can use extra hose to move the foul, muggy air out of the cleaning area so that carpets dry quicker and odors do not permeate the draperies, furnishings or redeposit in the carpet.

      Even though we recommend leaving the base unit stationary, it is easily moved when necessary. Swing-out handles and large casters make moving a simple matter. The unit is not top heavy and will not tip over easily. Sturdy, stainless steel, brass and aluminum construction makes it the most durable machine on the market today. You can do second and third floor work without carrying the base unit up. Just add a section of hose. By not taking the machine with you, tight places and small rooms are easy to clean. Women technicians can easily handle Bane-Clene equipment.

      Even portable, the Bane-Clene Base Unit offers a large tank capacity, which means savings in your chemicals. Charging the twenty-gallon tank costs only pennies. No elaborate water hookup is necessary. You don't have to be a plumber!

      A complete line of tools is available from Bane-Clene, which will eliminate the need for hand work. Cleans right up to objects. Special cast aluminum heads are lightweight and reduce operator fatigue. Aluminum lips provide maximum bite and slot velocity.

      Our successful service operation provides a wealth of proven, tested ways to get the business. Advertising and sales promotion are just as important as good equipment and chemicals. More than just a sale - we want you to be successful!

      With the Bane-Clene process, you have all the advantages of portable equipment and the powerful advertising advantage of the mobile plant concept. Bane-Clene is the best of both worlds!

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    VIDEO: Cleaning a Speedway 500 Suite with Bane-Clene® Equipment

    One of the major advantages of the Bane-Clene Para-Mount® is the ability to disconnect the base unit from the van and tanks and go portable! Now you can clean that multi-story building!

    VIDEO: Bane-Clene® Cleaning School Carpet

    Cleaning School Carpet with Bane-Clene Equipment - Going Portable with Base Unit.

    VIDEO: NCAA Headquarters Cleaned by Bane-Clene®

    Cleaned using Para-Mount® Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Machine - Going Portable with Base Unit. Used Bane-Clene® Preface Pre-Spray Traffic Lane Spotter, LCA®-256 Detergent with Booster™ for Cleaning....

    "Proudly Made in the USA"
    Proudly Made in America

    Electrical System:All electric - 110V - 60 Hz - Single Phase 1 1/2 HP Vacuum Pump Motor with sealed bearings and manual reset overload protector (no maintenance). 1/2 HP Soluton Pump Motor with sealed bearings and manual reset overload protector (no maintenance).
    Power Supply:2 - 15 ft power cords All wiring 12 GAW - vinyl wrapped - insulated - HD HD cord restraints on power cords for safety.
    2 - HD power switches with watertight covers Lighted heater switch with watertight cover Separate vacuum and solution pump ampmeters to monitor equipment performance.
    Vacuum:9 amps at 75% restriction.
    Solution Pump:4 amps at 150 PSI
    Solution Pump with Heater:16 amps.
    Pump:Positive displacement - HD cast iron housing. HD lobe-type impellers for long life. 2" inlet and 2" outlet ports. Greater vacuum than previous unit. Easy access for oil and grease maintenance. Intake filter: Stainless steel.
    Capacity:20 gallons recovery. Stainless steel vacuum relief valve. Tank access door for cleaning and maintenance.
    Exhaust:Large - HD construction - baffled - steel silencer with clean-out ports. Allows for VERY quiet operation indoors. Exhaust disconnect for maintenance.
    Heater System:1500 watt immersion type heater with thermostat and indicator light. 12 amp draw. Stainless steel heat exchange housing 400 PSI rated with easy access clean-out hardware.
    Insulated heater housing with high pressure relief valve. Lighted indicator on/off switch.
    Pump:Positive displacement HD cast iron housing. Requires no maintenance.
    Pressure:150 PSI operating pressure. 30% more GPM than previous unit. 0.6 GPM optimal water usage.
    Filters:50 mesh - primary - HD brass filter. 50 mesh - secondary brass inline filter.
    Capacity:20 gallons solution.
    Construction:14 gauge stainless steel with 3/16" HD aluminum component/base plate. Motor intake vents and louvered doors. 4 strap mounting brackets with velcro straps on cylinder for carrying cords, hoses, cleaning heads, etc.
    1 1/2" recovery dump valve 4 non-marring 5" heavy-duty easy rolling casters Front and rear swing-up handles.
    Gauge Package:Glycerin filled vacuum lift and solution pressure gauge. 2 amperage gauges. Hour meter. Easy access, removable gauge panel.
    Weight and Dimensions:Approximately 270 pounds. 18" W x 40" H x 48" L
    Accessories:100' solution hose,100' vacuum hose, 100' power supply cord, 12" and 4" Cleaning Head Package, Complete Training, Standard Installation, Operations Manual.
    Warranty:5-Year Conditional Warranty.