Bane-Clene® Perma-Mount® 120 Deluxe Truckmount Carpet Cleaning System

Truckmount Extractor for Carpet Cleaning

Item # 00011

  • Perfect fit for one-person truck operation!
  • Available in Used and Remanufactured Models Only
  • Triple Heating System
  • Please call 800-428.9512 for availabiltiy and pricing
  • Clean all day without having to refill or dump water
  • Totally electric, with no dangerous or expensive fuels required
  • It is not necessary to operate truck engine while cleaning - saving fuel and avoiding carbon monoxide poison dangers.

  • Please Call to Order
  • Perma-Mount® 120 Deluxe Truckmount Electric Carpet Cleaning System

    The Bane-Clene Perma-Mount™ 120 Deluxe carpet cleaning system is designed for the company that desires high output capability but does not require the portability feature that is standard with all other Bane-Clene equipment. Permanently mounted tanks, utilizing the same time-tested working components used in our portable base units, allow a cleaning company to work all day.

    Triple heating system: Wasted engine heat automatically heats your cleaning solution to the right temperature and an auxiliary electric heater is used for water temperature control. The large insulated tanks enable you to clean all day without having to refill or dump water. The system is totally electric, with no dangerous or expensive fuels required. It is not necessary to operate truck engine while cleaning.

    The Perma-Mount 120 provides the same fast drying as our other systems along with the power-assisted hose reels featured on our Para-Mount® and Duo-Mount®.

    A perfect fit for the one-person truck operation where all work can be accomplished from your vehicle.

    Designed for installation into a 3/4 ton van. 1-ton is recommended.

    Non-discountable. Price subject to change without notice. No freight allowance. Special order only.

    Note: Systems not available for purchase on-line.

    "Proudly Made in the USA"
    Proudly Made in America

    Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Equipment Articles and Information:

    Accessories:Electric Steel Reel Assembly (Deluxe only)
    150' Solution Hose.
    150' Vacuum Hose.
    Two 100' Power Supply Cords.
    12" Floor Tool.
    4" Upholstery Cleaning Tool
    Stainless Steel Guide Handle.
    Complete Training.
    Standard Installation.
    Operations Manual.