Carpet Fiber & Manufacture - DVD

Carpet Fiber and Manufacture 2-hour Video by Bane-Clene’s® Chemist

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  • Learn everything you need to know about carpet fibers and manufacturing in this 2 hour instruction video by Bane-Clene's Chemist!

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  • Carpet Fiber and Manufacture

    2-hour Video on DVD by Bane-Clene’s® Chemist

    Contents of the Carpet Fibers and Manufacture Training Video:

    • Carpet Fibers
    • Carpet Fiber Properties
    • Fiber Identification
    • Carpet Selection
    • Backings
    • Styles
    • Cushions (Padding)
    • Carpet Manufacturing Methods
    • Dyeing Methods
    • Nylon Generations
    • Stain Resistance
    • Carpet Construction Problems

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