Stator Support Ring for #20480 Water Pump

Stator Support Ring for #20480 Water Pump

Item # 20520

  • Should also be replaced when Stator #20510 is replaced
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    NOTE: ALWAYS replace the Stator Support Ring when replacing the Stator!

    If you do not have water pressure, it is likely that the rubber stator inside the solution pump has worn, blown, or been damaged by running your machine dry. It is not necessary to remove the hose fittings from the pump.

    1. Remove the 8 screws on rhe back side of suction housing (#20500) on intake side of the pump, using a long slender screwdriver. Slide suction housing back from main pump body (#20490) and remove stator (#20510) from rotor (#20590) shaft using a counter-clockwise motion.

    2. Insert support ring (#20520) in new stator (see diagram in your pump manual), thread stator onto rotor shaft, using a clockwise motion, until stator has seated itself into the receiving recess of the main pump body.

    3. Note that stator edge forms its own gasket; none other is required.

    4. Next, slide suction housing over stator and replace the 8 screws. Tighten screws in an alternating manner such as you would the lugs on a car wheel, and bring the housing into contact with the main pump body as evenly as possible. (Excess pressure on one side will cause housing to bind and crack casting.)


    1. Remove pump from machine.

    2. Remove screws holding suction housing (#20500) to pump body (#20490). Remove suction housing and stator (#20510).

    3. Remove rotor (#20590) from flexible joint (#20580) by turning counter-clockwise (R. H. thread).

    4. Flexible joint can be removed from shaft (#20550) by using a 3/16 inch Allen wrench in end of joint and turning counter-clockwise.

    5. Carefully slide mechanical seal (#20570) off shaft. Carefully pry seal seat out of pump body. The complete seal assembly should be replaced. Seal components are matched parts and are not interchangeable.

    6. The bearing (#20540) and shaft assembly can be removed from pump body after snap ring (#20560) has been removed. To remove the assembly, lightly tap the shaft at threaded end using a block of wood to protect the threads. The bearings may be pressed off the shaft. NOTE: When dreplacing bearings, always press on the inner drace when assembling to shaft, and on the outer race when pressing bearings into the housings.


    1. Press bearings on shaft. 2. Press shaft assembly into pump body securing with snap ring.

    3. Install mechanical seal, using the following procedure:

     (a) Clean and lubricate lapped sealing faces using dish washing soap.

     (b) Lubricate the outer surface of the seal seat and push the assembly into the base in the pump body, seating it firmly and squarely.

     (c) After cleaning and lubricating the shaft, slide the seal body along the shaft until it meets the seal seat.

     (d) Install spring and spring retainer on shaft.

    4. Thread flexible joint into shaft in a clockwise direction (R. H.) thread.

    5. Thread rotor onto flexible joint in a clockwise direction (R. H.) thread.

    6. Slide stator on rotor. Insert rounded end of stator ring (#20520) into end of stator prior to installing stator on rotor.

    7. Secure stator and suction housing, with suction part vertically, up to pump body using screws.


    1. Separate the two halves of the solution pump housing.

    2. Leave the base of the pump in the base unit and the drive belt attached.

    3. A 15 mm six point socket will slip snugly over the broken half of the flex joint attached to the pump shaft.

    4. Using an impact wrench, spin the broken part out of the threads in the pump shaft (turning it counter clockwise).

    5. Remove the stator and auger from the other half of the housing.

    6. Clamp the auger in a padded vise and use the 15 mm socket and impact wrench to remove the other broken half of the flex joint from the auger (turning the socket counter clockwise).

    7. The repair can be accomplished in the field by using a soclet extention or two and striking the ratchet handle sharply with a hammer to remove the broken part from the pump shaft.

    8. The other half can be removed from the auger by the same method. But leave the auger in the stator while striking the ratchet handle sharply with a hammer.

    9. Got dirty hands from doing this? Booster is as good a hand cleaner as any you will find in an auto parts store. Use it straight.