Solution Hose without Fittings 3/8" sold by the foot

Solution Hose for Bane-Clene Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Item # 21080

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  • Part #21070 is 50 ft with 3/8" Fittings

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  • Solution Hose for Bane-Clene Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    This fiber braid lock-on hose has a rated working pressure of 200 P.S.I. It is made of oil-resistant synthetic rubber for abrasion resistance and can handle solution with a temperature range of -40° F. to +200° F. Available in 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch, with and without fittings.

    • Flexible for easy cleaning with small hand tools on stairs and furniture.

    • Strong for extensive flexing without breakdown.

    • Lightweight for easy carrying inside during the winter.