Ozone Machine (Small)

Ozone Machine (Small)

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  • Eliminates odors electronically

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    Dry Cleaners, Restoration Contractors, Carpet Cleaners, Cleaning Management Professionals - Make Money While You Sleep!

    Some profit-making uses for an Ozone machine are:

    1. Converting a smoking hotel/motel room to a non-smoking room. This is extremely important today as an increasing number of travelers demand nonsmoking rooms, often considering that amenity much more important than a swimming pool or "free" breakfast.
    2. Deodorizing a used car to make it more "salable." In a four-to eight-hour Ozone process, the smoke odor can be removed. Clean the inside AFTER the Ozone treatment rather than before!
    3. Deodorizing an apartment before trying to rent to new tenants.
    4. Deodorizing the stock of a clothing store exposed to smoke odor. Note: furniture, draperies, and clothing can best be deodorized when placed in an uninhabited, enclosed area.
    5. Deodorizing after-flood damage. When using Ozone in flood restoration, it is best to inject the Ozone through an air mover, blowing air and Ozone under the carpet.
    6. Ridding a room of skunk odor. It's always the same story - a dog tangled with a skunk and lost!
    7. Ridding a car (such as a canine patrol car) of dog odor.
    8. Deodorizing a house to make it more easily sold. (You should always cultivate good relations with the realtors in your town.)
    9. Getting rid of food odors from cooking and spoilage.
    10. Eliminating odors in buildings with poor ventilation.
    11. Deodorizing after death scene cleanup.
    Ozone for fire and smoke damage odor
    Ozone and cooking odors
    Sonozaire Ozone Machine Features and Benefits:
    1. Eliminates odors electronically
    2. Uses no chemicals or perfumes
    3. Rapid removal of odors
    4. Prevents odors from returning
    5. Heavy-duty construction
    6. Operates unattended
    7. Quick and easy to install
    8. Ozone reverts to oxygen
    Ozone for skunk odor Ozone for pet odors
    Ozone for mold and mildew odor
    Ozone in carpet cleaning Ozone and tobacco smoking odor

    There are "tough" odors, and then there are those "impossible" odors. Unfortunately, a foul odor is often not just in the carpet, but is absorbed by all the surfaces in a room-absorbed by walls, ceiling, upholstery, drapes, furniture, mattresses, clothing, even wood. Some examples are odors from a dead animal (or body), fire/smoke damage, water damage with resulting mildew odors, mustiness, cigarette/cigar smoke, and chemical odors.

    To remedy the situation, in addition to the "standard" methods, using deodorizers, there is the Ozone option. Ozone is a gas and is chemically represented as 03. Oxygen is represented as 02. A molecule of Oxygen is composed of 2 atoms of Oxygen: 0-0. A molecule of Ozone, however, is composed of 3 atoms of Oxygen: 0-0-0. This third Oxygen atom in Ozone is very unstable and wants to react with an organic material, such as a foul odor as well as with many organic stains. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that breaks down odor molecules and converts them into water vapor and other odorless, harmless gases without leaving a perfume or any residue. The Ozone machines which Bane-Clene distributes generate Ozone automatically using a low-wattage "corona" discharge.

    Be sure to provide air agitation to ensure the Ozone reaches all affected areas because Ozone is heavier than air. Sometimes the Ozone source needs to be elevated and blowers need to be running to ensure good circulation.

    Ozone machines are rated by a cubic foot capacity range. To convert the rating to the more familiar square feet, simply divide the rating by the ceiling height (usually eight or ten feet). Manufacturers' ratings are generally very optimistic.

    As with almost any procedure, there are some precautions that must be taken if using the Ozone treatment. Excessive Ozone exposure can cause color loss or hue shifts, with dyed acetate fabrics being the most sensitive. Rubber or rubber-based materials tend to deteriorate in the presence of Ozone. Silver and other reactive metals tarnish with Ozone. Ozone should not be used in areas where people, animals, fish or plants are present. Leather should only be exposed to ozone for a few hours. Do not expose natural rubber (latex) to ozone. Electronic equipment should be removed or covered.

    After treatment with Ozone, all areas should be thoroughly ventilated, with one or more full air exchanges prior to occupancy, supplemented by the use of portable blowers and fans for agitation where needed, for about thirty minutes.

    Cleaning should be conducted AFTER Ozone treatment because some solvents and detergents decrease Ozone effectiveness.

    At one of our monthly schools, one of our equipment owners said he loved his Ozone machine because it made money for him while he was sound asleep! Would you like to have this kind of profit-making in your business?

    The Sonozaire Ozone Machine disperses the manufactured ozone and oxidizes the odor or bacteria in the air, thus eliminating the problem permanently.

    Through one of the most powerful, efficient, and economical oxidizing agents known to mankind, ozone, these electrically-operated machines eliminate organic odors such as smoke, mildew, vomit, some pet odors, and perspiration.

    Sonozaire units are built of heavy-duty aluminum construction. Industrial ozone generators are designed to be used in uninhabited areas, or used at volumes that are limited by OSHA or EPA regulations.

    The EPA limits ozone to 0.12 ppm per volume measured over one hour and 0.08 ppm measured over eight hours. OSHA limits the ozone level to 0.1 ppm per volume for an 8-hour work shift. Ozone can clean the air of unwanted odors and bacteria and make the air better to breathe, but large concentrations or prolonged levels above 0.1 ppm should be avoided.

    Ozone generators should be used only in uninhabited areas to prevent exposure of excessive ozone.

    Dry Cleaning, Restoration and Carpet Cleaning
    Restoration rooms are used to remove odors caused by fires, floods, or other disasters, from clothing, furniture, drapes, rugs, etc. Ozone is used to remove the odors from smoke, mold, mildew, chemicals, etc. associated with disasters. Ozone can be used to treat odors throughout the damaged area, including air conditioning ducts. Ozone removes odors deeply embedded in the carpet. Restoration contractors commonly "soak" treat an area with ozone to remove odors. This is done by placing the discharge from the Sonozaire near the return air grill of a central unit. Using the HVAC air duct system rapidly circulates the ozone throughout the treatment area, while also removing odors and reducing bacterial growth in the duct work.

    Auto Detailing
    Ozone is used to completely remove odors from used cars, rentals, buses, trucks, limousines boats, planes, etc., caused by tobacco smoke, mildew, pets, spoiled food, chemicals, etc.

    Cleaning Management
    Ozone is used to destroy odors in offices, homes, restrooms and locker-rooms. It can also be used in buildings, hotel/motel rooms, rental property, apartments, condos and real estate. Sonozaire produces ozone to eliminate odors of tobacco, animals, mold, mildew, paint, etc.

    Odor Control / Deodorizing Articles:

    These models are designed for use in uninhabited locations, unless used with control methods to limit the ozone level to OSHA or EPA limits.

    Non-discountable. Prices subject to change without notice. No Freight Allowance.

    Ozone machines are not available for purchase on-line.
    Please call a Bane-Clene customer service representative at 800-428-951 (U.S. ONLY!) to order.

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    Sonozaire Odor Neutralizers don't mask odors, they destroy them. You can choose from a variety of models to suit your application.

    • Fire / smoke, disaster restoration
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Garbage compactors and rooms
    • Bacteria, mildew and germs
    • Tobacco odors
    • Pet / animal odors
    • Dry cleaning and restoration
    • Air quality in large areas
    • Automobile detailing, used cars, etc.
    • Hotels / motels, apartments
    • Offices / buildings
    • Restaurants, bars, food storage
    • Restrooms, locker-rooms
    • Sewage plants, processing plants
    Cabinet Dimensions (L x W x H in.)13 x 11 x 7
    Weight (lbs.)9
    Power (watts)40
    Blower Air Volume @ 60hz (cfm)15